Dumbbell stand with Proud dumbbell set, set weight 40-50 Kg


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Proud brand polyurethane dumbbell set is a top quality product for professionals and beginners. The dumbbells are round in shape, with polyurethane weights and well-fitting parts of the handle.

Coating the weights with polyurethane increases the product's cushioning and durability. In addition, it reduces noise and damage to the ground.


Ergonomic handle with milled tabs prevents dumbbells from slipping in the hand, which increases training comfort and ensures a firm grip during dynamic exercises


Four different sets are for sale


The first weighed from 1 kg to 10 kg, the second from 2,5 kg to 25 kg, the third from 27,5 kg to 37,5 kg and the fourth from 40 kg to 50 kg. The set consists of two dumbbells of each weight. A big advantage of the kits is the possibility to choose dumbbells weighing more than 35 kg. This is important for professionals who want to improve their skills.



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Dumbbell stand with dumbbell set Proud

Dumbbell stand with Proud dumbbell set, set weight 40-50 Kg


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