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The X1 HMS Home Gym is a modern Smith workout for full body workouts. Its versatile accessories and attachments, such as high and low pulley, preacher curl pad, leg development and butterfly machine, provide a wide range of training options and make the X1 the perfect training partner to meet the needs of the most discerning users.

The home gym has barbell posts of various heights and a removable bench for exercise while standing. The ergonomic adjustable seat and backrest are made of durable foam covered with modern, durable carbon-style upholstery for training comfort.

The X1 HMS is made of the highest quality materials, which ensures excellent body stability during training and safe use. The robust powder-coated steel frame and pulley system together with the nylon-coated ropes meet the highest technical standards.

The home trainer can train all muscle groups: back muscles, upper and lower chest muscles, buttocks muscles, forearms, deltoid muscles (shoulder muscles), biceps and triceps, as well as upper and lower leg muscles.

Home gym for complex training of various muscle groups:

  • upper and lower chest muscles
  • back muscles (latissimus dorsi, trapezoidal muscles)
  • abdominal muscles (straight abdominal muscle, external diagonal and transverse abdominal muscles)
  • deltoid muscles
  • upper arm muscles (biceps and trigeminal muscles)
  • leg muscles (thigh and quadriceps)


  • Dimensions of the installed device:

    • height: 205 cm
    • width: 202 cm
    • length: 227 cm
    • Threshing machine
    • Butler's apparatus
    • high pulley
    • low pulley
    • leg development device
    • swinging cushion
  • Hinge dimensions:
    • length: 196 cm
    • middle: 25 mm
  • Weight type: free weights
  • Free weight stand (50 mm and 25 mm in diameter)
  • Weight rails with protective supports
  • Multifunctional removable bench
  • Durable carbon style upholstery
  • Mains tension adjustment
  • Weight supports
  • Duck belts
  • Powder coating
  • Delivery: 2 boxes
  • Product weight: 97 kg
  • Maximum load: 272 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 135 kg


  • 24 months warranty


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Smith machine HMS Atlas X1 - Multifunction trainers

Smith machine HMS Atlas X1