Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Xeno Mirror, color 38


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These state-of-the-art XENO MIRROR Aqua Speed ​​goggles are a high-end product for frequent swimmers who value great style and the highest quality. XENO MIRROR has metallized, UV-protected, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that provide a panoramic view and reduce reflections. The design of their optical-grade lenses, combined with the anti-fog coating, gives the user a clear field of view to the front and sides. Another great feature of the XENO MIRROR glasses is the comfortable, soft, one-piece TPE gasket made with ultraFUSE technology, with a quick-release (quickFIT) back buckle. As a result, the XENO MIRROR glasses are stylish, durable and easy to adjust to prevent leakage. Features: - Metallized optical-grade polycarbonate lenses - UV and fog protection - Ultra-fast QuickFit rear buckle - Soft one-piece TPE gasket made with ultraFUSE technology - Interchangeable, split headband


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Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Xeno Mirror

Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Xeno Mirror, color 38