Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​X-Pro, col. 30


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L-R (Liquid Silicone Rubber) is used in the manufacture of X-PRO silicone rubber. Zapewnia is the most comfortable comfort, guaranteeing the quality and quality of the eyepieces, with a minimum effect on the material. The LSR is designed to provide a high temperature and low temperature UV protection. The X-Pro Eyepiece is designed to use a high-performance anti-fog UV filter. Nowadays it is possible to find the object of the eyewear. In the case of X-PRO silicone coating, the X-PRO eyepiece is fitted with a double-glazed unit. The use of light-colored eyecups or parts of the eyelids, including the use of the eyelids, minimizes the effect of slipping on the skin, and then on the water. Zapięcia Easy Clip picks up the back, and adjusts the daily grip. The resilient movement of the device allows the natural discomfort to minimize discomfort in the daytime of the eyepiece. Dostępne w kilku ciekawych zestawieniach kolorystycznych oculary X-Pro to świetny wybór zarówno dla młodzieży jak i dorosłych.


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Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​X-Pro

Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​X-Pro, col. 30