Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Flex, color 38


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FLEX goggles are very safe (due to the low amount of air inside the goggles), comfortable and liquid-proof, suitable for all face shapes. The gasket of these one-piece glasses is made of ultra-soft, non-toxic silicone made of LRS (liquid silicone rubber) to make it extremely durable and comfortable. LRS is extremely durable and resistant to damage, retains the elasticity that is usually lost when exposed to excessive high and low temperatures and UV rays. The slightly curved, specially prepared lenses, made of damage-resistant rigid high-quality polycarbonate, have protection against fog and UV rays, thus providing excellent vision and a fashionable look. The shape of the lens is very hydrodynamic, perfect for stormy water, and the expressive construction is very close to the face, helping to eliminate the vibrations caused by the water flowing through the glasses. The FLEX goggles have an easy-to-use Easy Clip buckle for adjusting the double headband, attached directly to the silicone skirt for more comfort and convenience. Available in many interesting color options, FLEX is the perfect goggles for both teenagers and adults.


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Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Flex

Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Flex, color 38