Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Blade, color 31


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The Aquaspeed Blade goggles are designed for both sport swimming and swimming training. These revolutionary goggles have a soft one-piece gasket that fits well and is waterproof. A two-part strap with an UltraFast buckle on the back of the head, which fits precisely, adjusts easily (no need to remove the glasses due to the special buckle) and prevents the free ends of the strap from hanging on your face. Curved lenses provide a wide field of vision, and extended spacers (PU sidebands) make Blade glasses more hydrodynamic. All the special features and cutting-edge style of these goggles, as well as a variety of interesting color options, will make you stand out in the pool. Features: Sporty curved lenses provide wide visibility, injectable polycarbonate lenses provide shock resistance. 3D gasket design - a revolutionary 3D gasket that fits perfectly to the face Made with UltraFUSE technology. Soft TPE gasket for a very comfortable fit Side PU strap improves hydrodynamics Double silicone head strap for a secure fit during racing UltraFast quick-release rear buckle system Built-in UV protection Antifog


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Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Blade

Swimming goggles Aqua Speed ​​Blade, color 31


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