Diving goggles Aqua Speed ​​Ibiza Col. 11


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This diving mask comes with a two-tone frame making it an exciting choice for teenage users. Additionaly, the design of the IBIZA mask, with a single lens made of tempered glass, guarantees a very low internal volume. This proves helpful in removing water from the inside of the mask. IBIZA's gasket and strap are made of soft, elastic, non-toxic and damage resistant Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). This material prolongs the life of the mask, increasing its durability and maximizing comfort. LSR is highly resistant to UV rays and changing temperatures due to which it does not lose elasticity over time. Additionally, the use of black silicone prevents the appearance of discolouration. The gasket of this mask features a double seal which makes it almost completely leak proof and allows any water that does soap to be blown out of the mask even under water. Additionaly, a wide back strap which is split in the middle offers a secure fit and minimises the preassure on the head. The QuickADJUST system used for strap regulations is easy to use and allows the user to precisely and quickly adjust the lenght of the strap for a perfect fit. 4 mm tempered glass lens Liquid silicone (LSR) Single lens Two-tone frame Easy to use QUICK-ADJUST buckle system Minimum internal volume thanks to flexible, rotating buckle attached to the mask gasket Packaging: damage proof PC case


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Diving goggles Aqua Speed ​​Ibiza Col. 11 - Diving goggles

Diving goggles Aqua Speed ​​Ibiza Col. 11