Rowing machine Air Bike Proud 2.0, black


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Designed and built for rugged construction and intensive use, the ergometer is a great choice for commercial gyms and home use.

The erdometer works on the principle of air and magnetic resistance, which is controlled by the user, so it is possible to feel the movements typical of rowing. The user can choose up to 16 resistance levels, so everyone can easily choose the right intensity level for their workout.

His phenomenon lies in the full involvement of almost all parts of the body, resulting in impressive gains in slimming and shaping the figure. It’s hard to imagine a professional gym without a rowing ergometer because it’s always very popular with athletes.

When the ergometer is used, it is very easy to use.

When not in use, the ergometer can be positioned vertically and the wheels on the front of the exercise machine allow for easy movement.


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Rowing machine Air Bike Proud 2.0

Rowing machine Air Bike Proud 2.0, black


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